About Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC.

Our Mission

To study customers’ and potential customers’ requirements for truly sustainable clean air under all environmental conditions, design and manufacture safely the best products to meet those requirements, market and deliver those products to the customers, and support the customers as they use our products.

About Us

Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC. specializes in the manufacture of self-cleaning air filtration units, that can be used in a variety of locations, from residential to commercial to harsh industrial, including hot, corrosive, dusty, hazardous, and other harsh industrial, marine and military environments.

By making standardized products, Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC. can combat two of the biggest problems of filtering air in harsh ambients: the costs of making special products and the delays in their manufacture.

We have incorporated into all our filter-blower products all the features required to handle tough environments without additional modifications. The big advantages of this standardization are that it enables us to produce and, therefore, price our products less expensively and ship more quickly than those who make short-run, specially-made severe-duty units.