Air-Cleaners Used for Cooling or Air Changes

Cooling and air changes rank among the most common applications for air blowers, especially when they include fans for consumer, residential and commercial applications.

Air-Cleaning Blowers (ACBs) provide these functions just like other blowers along with the additional feature of extracting the dust and other particles in the air.

In these applications, the air-cleaning blowers push air from outside the conditioned space and into the space being conditioned. The air can come from the outdoors. However, it often comes from within the same building, such as when cooling an electrical enclosure or a storeroom. If the source air contains dust, pollen or other particles, the air-cleaning blower will remove them and keep the contents of the enclosure clean.

Typical applications:

Institutions – hospitals, hotels, schools, libraries, museums and government buildings

Industrial Plants – foundries, cement and gypsum plants, steel and aluminum mills, sawmills and furniture plants, bakeries

Mining and Tunneling – operator cabins on payloaders, trucks and draglines, electrical enclosures, tunneling equipment

Military – tents, field kitchens and other temporary structures, permanent structures, tanks and other vehicles

Agriculture – Farm buildings, cabins and air-intakes on tractors and other equipment

Vehicles – Buses, trains, automobiles, trucks, crane cabins