Air-Cleaners Used for Feed Air

Many users can greatly reduce the costs of operating their furnaces, air compressors and other equipment by providing them with clean feed air. Air-Cleaning Blowers (ACBs) provide steady flows of cleaned air at constant airflow rates and pressures with a minimum of maintenance and monitoring.

Consequently, they simplify and reduce the costs of operation of the feed-air system. In addition, the consistency of operation of ACBs helps to minimize the risks that the feed air will not meet required standards.

Furnaces, stationary engines, and locomotives: air-cleaning blowers can provide clean air to the intake of equipment. As an option, since the ACBs are blowers, they can also be designed to install in-line in order to provide the pressure for the feed air as well as to clean it.

Farm, mining, tunneling, and other off-road equipment: air-cleaning blowers can remove dust and sand from air entering engines, either with or without pressurizing the air fed to the carburetors or other air-injection systems

Air compressors: cleaned air to enclosures containing air compressors to reduce maintenance of the air compressors themselves and of the air dryers

Military vehicles: cleaned and, if necessary, pressurized feed air for vehicles

Equipment that uses evaporation of water for cooling: Evaporative cooling towers to help keep dust off the coils and out of the recirculating water, evaporative (“swamp”) coolers to help keep the media clean and, if designed into the cooler, to blow air through the media

Air curtains

Silo loaders: To recover and prevent escape of product into atmosphere