Air-Cleaners Used for Spot Cleaning Air

Many users must provide cleaned air to limited-sized locations within open areas or within buildings that cannot have effective climate control. The needs can be either temporary or permanent. Mobile or stationary Air-Cleaning Blowers (ACBs) provide that clean air economically and with a minimum of maintenance.

Air-Cleaning Blowers (ACBs), mounted either on movable bases or on stationary supports, can remove dust and other particles from the air and blow the cleaned air at a workstation, people, or equipment, indoors or outdoors. The flow of cleaned air keeps objects and people cleaner and ventilated.

When configured as spot blowers, ACBs can work much the same as spot-cooler air conditioners in that they can focus their clean air on a particular person or location. If combined with an air conditioner, ACBs help reduce the maintenance needed for the air conditioner and extend its life by pre-cleaning the air that enters the filter on the evaporator to reduce the clogging of the filter and the fins.

Plant floor: keep dust off motors and other equipment, controls, personnel

Electrical enclosures: provide clean air to the fans that cool VFDs, control boxes, control rooms, elevator controls, transformers

Eating and cooking areas: keep dust off food outdoors and indoors

Construction sites: blow clean air onto workers sanding sheet rock or floors, doing demolition, sand blasting, and painting

Maintenance sites: blow clean air over work areas and equipment in hangars and other open areas