Air-Cleaners Used for Pre-Cleaning Air

Many users require large amounts of cleaned air to supply their facilities with sufficient changes of air and sufficient ventilation. However, simple particulate removal does not suffice. In such cases, Air-Cleaning Blowers (ACBs)reduce the costs of providing clean air by serving as precleaners to reduce the load on specialty filtration further downstream.

The ACBs replace pre-filter systems that use expensive filter media such as cartridges and bags that must be purchased, monitored, maintained, replaced and disposed of, and which vary the airflow and air pressure to the building’s HVAC system as they clog. By using the ACBs as precleaners, users eliminate much of the cost of operations of the HVAC systems and improve the stability and predictability of their functioning.

Once the ACBs remove the bulk of the particulates, the users’ specialty filters, activated carbon, HEPA, UV sterilizers and other equipment can finish the cleaning of the air to the standards required for the users’ operations.

Institutions: Hospitals, hotels, schools, government building, convention centers, indoor arenas, office buildings

Industrial plants: Those with clean rooms, laboratories, kitchens, odors or volatile gases to remove

Commercial buildings: Stores, restaurants,

Agricultural buildings: Barns, stables, milk rooms, feed rooms

Facilities with large numbers of people: Ferries, air terminals, train stations (above and below ground), bus stations, railroad and subway cars