Air-Cleaners Used for Pressurization and Purging

Many users must create positive pressure in enclosures, rooms and buildings to keep out airborne contaminants such as dust, sand, and corrosive or dangerous gases. However, they often do not have clean air readily available that they can inject into the space to build up pressure. If they use filtration to clean the pressurizing air, they encounter all the costs and complications of maintaining the filters. Costs of filtration can be extremely high in particularly dusty locations—high enough that they currently do not pressurize at all and must expend much time and money cleaning their equipment instead.

In these cases, Air-Cleaning Blowers (ACBs) minimal requirements for maintenance enable users to pressurize their spaces at a comfortable level of maintenance and operating costs. As the ACBs blow air into the space being pressurized, they simultaneously remove the dust to provide clean air and pressurization. Since they throw the dust back into the atmosphere from which it comes rather than collecting it, there is no cartridge, bag or other media to clean or replace. Because ACBs can work for months, or even years, with minimal servicing, they make it possible to pressurize electrical enclosures of all sizes, along with many places that have not been practical or cost-effective to pressurize in any other way.

Offices and laboratories associated with dusty facilities – Mines, foundries, grain processors, storage silos, gravel pits

Control rooms and pulpits – oil refineries, petro-chemical plants, steel, aluminum and other metal-processing plants

Motor-control centers and other electrical enclosures – bulk-product processing equipment, salt mines,

Motor and other types of equipment rooms – gypsum and cement plants, mines