Air-Cleaners Used for Military Applications

Military applications utilize all the functions of the Air-Cleaning Blowers (ACBs) at one time or another, particularly in harsh environments.

Their ACBs’ simple, solid construction makes them rugged enough for deployment with troops, equipment and enclosures almost anywhere. They can provide cleaned airflow for cooling and ventilation and keep dust out of sleeping quarters, kitchens, vehicles, and equipment. In addition, they can remove radioactive and other contaminated dusts used in pressurizing emergency-response and other mobile facilities, especially when built with other decontamination equipment incorporated (such as UV air sterilizers).

Since they need no filter media, they eliminate the need for transporting, servicing and disposing of the filter cartridges, sheets and other media.

Cooling and ventilation: permanent and temporary enclosures, instrument and electronics on trailers, emergency-response vehicles

Pressurization and purging: keep dust out of enclosures and vehicles in deserts, near helicopter landing pads, and other dusty environments,

Feed Air: Furnaces, generators, air compressors

Pre-Cleaning Air: For air to be additionally treated for hospitals, buildings, test chambers, production facilities

Spot-Cleaning Air: To keep dust off equipment, personnel and materials in open areas and hangars, check points, water-cooled condensers, outdoor eating areas, maintenance sites