How ACBs Work

These Air-Cleaning Blowers (ACBs) work simply and WITHOUT any filter media

Industrial-Filter-BlowersAir-Cleaning BlowersTM are truly self-cleaning air and gas industrial filter-blowers, as well as being blowers. As ACBs pull the ambient air through their housings, they use the particles’ own momentum in patented, novel ways to separate them from the clean air. Their impellers serve the dual purposes of moving air or other gas through the blower housings and of throwing the particles toward the outside of the housings where they travel to an opening through which the are ejected, usually back into the atmosphere from where they came.

Without filter media, cyclonic action, or valves that can malfunction, ACBs rarely clog or need maintenance. They remove large or small quantities of sand, dust and other particles, from large-sized to small—even mist and rain. Used for ventilation, pressurization, exhausting and feed air, ACBs’ powerful blowers assure steady airflow, air pressure and energy consumption. Self-contained, they are rugged yet easy to install and transport.

Truly Self-Cleaning:

Since Air-Cleaning BlowersTM (ACBs) normally do not collect dirt like other filters, they can often run for months or years with barely any maintenance, even in dusty and sandy conditions. They are truly self-cleaning, and do not need compressed air, cleaning cycles, or any valves, complicated or otherwise.

In addition, ACBs work as true blowers. Unlike other filtration systems, they create a net increase in pressure and airflow, not the drops in pressure or in airflow that occur as the filter sheets, bags or cartridges fill with debris and clog. Hence, they efficiently and effectively move air for pressurization, processes, ventilation and purging purposes.

The result: ACBs provide two functions—move and clean air—one self-contained, easy-to-install (and relocate) unit.

What These Industrial Filter-Blowers Do:

Blowing clean air with a minimum of maintenance—only Air-Cleaning BlowersTM can give you both. And they provide it with steady airflow, air pressure, constant energy consumption, and reduced wear and tear on the motor.

For special applications and additional functions, various models of Air-Cleaning BlowerTM can heat the air, recover dusts if it has a value (such as product lost during processing), remove odors and other gases from the air, and even neutralize pathogens. They can also be combined into other products such as protective air canopies (Safety Halos®) that protect workers from dangerous pathogens or fellow workers, air conditioners, and evaporative (“swamp”) coolers to reduce their maintenance.

Why we developed Air-Cleaning BlowersTM: Few people want to collect and have to dispose of debris taken out of the air, THEY JUST WANT CLEAN AIR.